Driving awareness for the new SeaPeeler Flex product launch by Uni-Food Technic

Case Study

Engaging with decision makers

How content marketing helped deliver highly-valuable and relevant information to promote Uni-Food Technic’s first foray into the shrimp segment – transforming shrimp processing with the SeaPeeler Flex.

The challenge

Uni-Food Technic had originally planned to launch their revolutionary new shrimp peeling technology, the SeaPeeler Flex, at the Seafood Expo North America conference in Boston last year. The event was cancelled due to COVID-19 – how could they launch the product using a digital platform? The objective was to increase awareness and an understanding of the new product.

Marketing objectives

Given the wide range of benefits for customers investing in this product, both in terms of producing a quality product and the potential cost savings for customers, there was a lot of information that they needed to share with potential customers so they could understand the full range of benefits.

Our solution

Uni-Food Technic asked for our support to communicate the myriad of benefits the new SeaPeeler Flex provides. With the experience IntraFish has in producing quality content for partners across the seafood value chain, we sat down with it’s senior team to gain a full understanding of the product, the objectives and desired outcome.

We created a content marketing article showcasing the new product (including a video) whilst ensuring full visibility and sessions across IntraFish’s digital platforms. We have shown how our resources and knowledge of C-suite level executives and decision makers can help optimise marketing spend and deliver a strong rate on investment.


Premium fixed position

Placement of the campaign on the IntraFish homepage, specially reserved for content marketing alongside editorial content.

News article placement

The campaign appeared at the bottom of every news article for increased visibility.

Content marketing section

Content is archived in a dedicated section of our website and continues to see traffic after the live campaign has expired.

Daily newsletter

The campaign appeared as a digital ad – sharing space with top daily news headlines.

Social media postings

The campaign was distributed and shared via IntraFish’s social media channels for further reach.


‘As we found out that shows we had planned for in 2020 were postponed or cancelled, it was necessary to find alternative ways of having presence as a new player in the market for shrimp peeling. We decided to try IntraFish with a sponsored content article on our SeaPeeler Flex equipment. It was a very good experience to work with the IntraFish team on content creation with swift communication and exchange of ideas.

We did not really have any idea of what to expect, but it was quickly obvious, that we had significantly increased activity on our web page and that we actually got a good number of solid qualified leads.’

Mads Sigsgaard
Sales Manager, Uni-Food Technic


Traffic, visibility and engagement performance for the two week campaign. View other campaigns on our content marketing section of the IntraFish news website.





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